We're excited to announce a pilot partnership between Hacker Lab and Sacramento City College designed to help anyone in the community gain invaluable entrepreneurship & workforce skills.

We want to help you learn skills, build portfolio projects, and start a business or get a job!

Hacker Lab is a coworking makerspace where you can take classes, use tools, meet the innovation community and startup something great.



Eligibility Criteria

To receive full Hacker Lab Midtown facility access, enroll in any MAKR course at Sacramento Community College!  You will need to sign up and get approval through the Sac City Maker Space to be eligible.  We do not offer reimbursements if you do not sign up in advance.

MAKR 140
Introduction to Making

This highly immersive, hands-on introductory course introduces students to the principles of making and design thinking through fabricating or producing a finished product. 

Hands-on Learning

Learn to design and build physical things or spaces, make them work, and integrate them with electronics, software, or more!

Design and Build Things

Tools, such as: 3D printing, CNC machining, laser cutting, woodworking and metalworking, electronics, sewing and more!

MAKR 201
App Development with Swift

Take any of the three Swift app development courses to  learn the fundamental concepts of app development and programming.

Anyone Can Code

Introductory course include design thinking, data types, control structures, functions, arrays, and the mechanics of running, testing, and debugging.  

Learn App Development

Structured and object-oriented programming. Topics include user interface design, control flow, variable scope, and using arrays to display data. 

Get Started

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Students will use this knowledge and skill in both individual and team settings, and participate in a capstone project. 

Future courses include complex user input, animations, interfacing with the web, and the design cycle. Students will apply techniques for testing and debugging software. 

Individual and team settings 

Advanced App Development

Enroll in MAKR classes at Sac City College and get full Hacker Lab access